Do Volume Trophies Exist?

It’s a fair question in my opinion. I was thinking I should give a huge trophy to my neighbours, a big trophy with a volume button set on ”max”. The fact that I should congratulate them on managing to rupture my eardrums is something new. Maybe if I put fake blood by my ears and act a little dizzy they will get the hint.

See I believe that walls were created for several reasons. One to keep us inside and warm and safe from the outside world. Another to reduce noise from the outside world in order for one to concentrate on ones own noises. Like watching the tv, or sitting in silence and eventually whimpering so you know that you exist in the room. The walls where I live with boyfriend are pretty solid, hardly anything is heard in or out. We’ve tested this theory several times by playing very loud music and then a) shutting the door to see if we can hear anything outside and b) asking the neighbours is they can hear anything. In case of a) we didn’t hear anything and b) our neighbours, in worst case answered  that sometimes you could hear something faintly, but you really had to strain your ears.

So when you have such thick walls, you’re thinking that nothing can be heard through, right? It’s kind of expected. I’m wrong.

I was sitting watching a tv show on a fairly high volume in order to concentrate properly on what was being said, when I heard someone yelling. Imagine hearing yelling through thick wall, that’s pretty bad. You start assuming the worst. And while we’re on the subject of whole blocking out loud noises, please explain what volume setting my neighbours have as their default voice?

This isn’t the first time I’ve heard it. The first time I thought someone was being beat for information in the kitchen tied to a chair. I was prepared to go all Charlie’s Angels on their ass. I had the cops dialled on my phone and was ready to call if any situation should arise so they could hear the background yelling and then trace the phonecall. The other thing I had done was send texts to some friends with a warning of, ”If I don’t send another message within the next 10 minutes saying everything is fine, call the cops, something has gone wrong.” Better safe than sorry right? I walked up to the apartment door and knocked.

The shouting continued, but I heard footsteps coming closer. My whole body and mind prepared for any situation having to do with calling the cops or fighting. No flight response in my body. I heard the familiar click of the lock on the door as it was opened.

Oh and by the way, what is up with people opening the door to the smallest crack to look outside were they obviously won’t see anything because they will be looking to one side? It makes you more suspicious.

That’s what the neighbour did. When he saw it was me he opened the door and smiled and asked me if everything was ok. That’s when I saw the phone in his hand. And heard the person he was having a conversation with. Yelling just as loudly. The flight response kicked in.

I mumbled,  ”sorry, thought you were beating someone in the kitchen for information, but it was just you talking on the phone”, then smiled sheepishly as he chuckled and I ran away to hide under the covers…

This may of course just be me, I hope your neighbours don’t cause this much of a fuss. I still thinking of getting them a trophy.



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